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Randy: Looks like she had a heart attack in the middle of the night.
Grandpa Marsh: Oh, no wonder she didn't say 'Good night'.
Randy: Ew!

Stan: I'm tired Grandpa.
Grandpa: No Billy, you're gonna stay here and watch more McGyver, we gotta get all the Frenchy-poo fag nasties outta ya.

(Pulls out an automatic) Hello girls! I'm the easter bunny!

Janet Reno

Grandpa Marsh: That grandma's quite a nice piece of ass.
Randy: Ew, dad! Not in front of Stanley.

We've reached fag factor 5, captain.


(Randy breaks it to the quintuplets that their grandma died)
Randy: Everyone who has a grandma, step forward.
(Stan, Cartman, Kenny and quintuplets step forward)
Randy: Not so fast, girls.

Yes, lucky for them, these quintuplets no longer have to live in Romania, the asshole of the world.


Look, people have it so good in America that they get bored very easily. And when people get bored, they start protesting things.

Janet Reno
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