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(During a lightning storm.)
Stan: Oh my god! I just saw Tony Danza!
Ms. Stevens: No, you did not just see Tony Danza!
(In next flash of lightning Tony Danza is sitting with the kids in the circle.)

(While driving through San Jose, Costa Rica)
Cartman: Oh my God, it smells like ass out here.
Miss Stevens: Alright, that does it. Eric Cartman, you respect other cultures this instant.
Cartman: I wasn't saying anything about their culture; I was just saying their city smells like ass!

Miss Stevens: OK children, we are lost so we have to stay together. Is everyone here?
Craig: I'm not.
Miss Stevens: Who's not? Who's not here?
Craig: Me.

(After Kenny has been struck by lightning)
Kyle: Oh my god, they killed Kenny!
Stan: You bastards!
Kelley: Who!? Who killed him!?
Kyle: They...uh, they did.
Kelly: Who's they!?
Stan: ..They're bastards...


Ms. Stevens

Cartman: So,are you going to see your girlfriend again?
Kenny: No, dude seriously.

(muffled) My name is Kenny Kenny no Kenny.

</i> Kenny

Cartman: (upon passing out from hunger)
Construction worker: Get this child some food, quick!
Cartman: Chicken wings.

Mr. Mackey: Did you just flip me off?
Craig: No!
Mr. Mackey: Yes you did, you just flipped me the bird.

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