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Parents can be pretty cruel sometimes dude. They get off on it.


(Mark and Linda find Kenny's skeleton)
Linda: What is it?
Mark: It's a boy. They... killed him.
Linda: The bastards.

Mark: Let me get this straight. If I go get the fat kid's book on the other side of the white line, you'll show me where a cell phone is.
Stan: Yes, no foolies!
Kindergarten Kids: No foolies!

Linda: Just point us to a phone kid, alright?
Cartman: (laughs) I'm afraid you'll find all the phones... quite out of service.
Mark: No phones either! How do you communicate?
(Cartman pics up a jar, opens it up and speaks into it)
Cartman: Butters, I need an ETA on a car, stat! (closes the jar and hands it to a kid who walks out the door)
Mark: Alright we've had just about enough here. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I don't care what little games you kids want to play, we just want out of here alright.
(Kid walks back in room with the jar & Cartman opens it)
Butters: (voice from jar) It's gonna be about 3 days.

You got "Raging Pussies" tickets!?!


Craig: This is the end of Smiley Town. The only phone is somewhere in Treasure Cove. If you want to find it, your gonna have to cross the white line.
Mark: Well can you help us find the phone please?
Craig: Hell no! I'm not crossing the white line.
Linda: Why not?
Mark: Okay let's just go Linda. I don't have time for Spaceman Spiff's little games.
Craig: Craig!
Mark; What?
Craig: It's Spaceman Craig. (walks off making space noises)

You got foolied outlander.


Cartman: Outlander! Outlander! We have your woman! She still lives Outlander! Outlander! Her blood will spill.
Butters: What the heck are you talking about?
Cartman: Butters calm down alright.

Sheila: Alright, fine Kyle, you can go to the Raging Pussies concert if you clean out the garage, shovel the driveway and bring democracy to Cuba.
Kyle: What's Cuba?
Gerald: A communist country run by a dictator named Fidel Castro.
Kyle: And do I have to shovel the whole driveway or just the side the car's on?
Sheila: The whole thing.
Kyle: Ah jeez.

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