This is a front row seat to the greatest show on earth.

John Cooper

Officer: Does anyone really care that Mel Gibson's compound burns down?
Ben: Not me.
Officer: Guy probably has three other houses where he can beat up his girlfriend.

I doubt that Ritchie Rich. You've got 90210 written all over your face.


I find it novel Dewey, every once in a while to give a shit.


All cops have to make judgment calls they hope they won't regret. No cop ever bats a thousand.


Ben Sherman: You know who my father is, right?
John Cooper: Scum bag defense lawyer Ben Sherman.

I'm a gang detective. I can't have a f*ckin find my friend app on my phone.


It's like an epidemic or something. They're just killing woman like they're nothing. Chopping off their fingers, pulling out their teeth, stuffing them in air conditioning vents, going to yoga class and opening fire. Man, I'm sick of it. You know what? If they were killing Muslims like this, everybody, they'd be protesting and trying to pass bills in Congress.


Cops wake up different every morning from the rest of us. Our worst nightmare is just their Wednesday.


A support group? She was terrified. She needed a restraining order not a hug.


It's not everyday a murder scene turns into a block party.


Mickie D's needs all the help they can get. The McRib is back.


Southland Quotes

It seems like it changes nothing... but every once and awhile, you get to take a bad guy off the streets for good. And that, my friend, is God's work.

John Cooper

Taking a life is a big deal to me.

Ben Sherman