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Roman: Helping you always comes at a cost. I saved Julia's life for you and now she's endangered the secret of Cyper. I gave up being a leader to my people to protect you, now Castor's in charge and now my people have turned against me. Anytime that I have to pick between you and what's best for the Atrians, I always choose you and it's always the wrong choice.
Emery: I never asked you to do any of that.
Roman: I know and that's the problem, you're my weakness.

Taylor: Do you think that I'm the kind of girl that's worth fighting for?
Sophia: I think you're the kind of girl people go to war for.

I just don't think you and me are worth fighting for.

Drake [to Taylor]

Taylor: Oh please, is it really all that taboo now that Roman and Emery are out?
Drake: And look at the welcome party they're getting.

I'm usually the tastemaker, but I'm glad you're paving the way this time.

Taylor [to Emery]

Shouldn't you be following around your human girl like a lost puppy?

Teri [to Roman]

Castor took away the one weapon I had against him, the trust of our people. Now a murderer is in charge of our people.

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