I keep getting all these dating pop-ups. It's like my computer is accusing me of being single!


Mike: If I hit this button, I call Michael Jordan.
Harvey: That's kinda how a phone works.

Louis, I do not respond to threats, I make them.


Harvey:[about the fake tears]: Wait, that time you cried and I let your parents stay at my condo.
Donna: Yep.

Mike: I feel like Michael Corleone in that one scene where the fat guy teaches him to shoot the gun.
Harvey: Are you calling me the fat guy? Because I'm not the fat guy.
Mike: Do you remember that guy's name?

Louis: So what is this new cologne the scent of jealousy?
Harvey: You don't recognize your wife's perfume? I know, you're not married. Still funny.

0 and everything---that's your record against me, Scottie.


This is Haley's comet. Take a good look because it won't happen again.


Harvey: Did you let him win?
Mike: Wasn't easy. Guy has the reflexes of a two year old.
Harvey: Yeah, last time these venture capitalists came in I took him boxing to calm him down. Had to practically punch myself in the face to let him win.

I won't fire you, but I might kill you!


If you were ever lucky enough to have me, you wouldn't want to share.


A second ago you thought you were getting whacked. Now you want an office?


Suits Quotes

Oh, and I'm black in here.


Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.