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Mike: I do okay with the cougars.
Rachel: You do realize you're talking about the managing partner of this firm?
Mike: Please don't tell anyone I said that...

Can I get you anything? Tissue, glass of water...tampon?


You need to give that boy more encouragement.


Harvey: Haven't I told taught you that there is more than one response to someone having a gun to your head? There's not even a gun in here.
Mike: No, it's not in here. It's out there roaming the halls, and when it sees me, it's going to start shooting.

That's how you did it? You beat him?


Well I'm not Harvey. I don't need a computer.


Louis: I'm not being vindictive.
Donna: Am I in the right office?

Harvey: I'm sorry.
Donna: For what?
Harvey: Don't push it.

This is my firm, and when you're running the firm of Litt, Nothing and Nobody, you can make the call, until then, you can just get back to work.

Jessica [to Louis]
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