We just went through a civil war. The world knows it---and we're weak. My uncle says the weak get eaten.


Mike: People don't shoot at us, Louis.
Louis: Don't they?
Louis: People may not be shooting at us, but we are at war.

You're the guy that nobody wants, but can't get rid of.


Louis: I'm senior partner.
Harvey: That may be the case, but as far as I'm concerned, you don't work here anymore.

I'm going to let you go, Louis. Just for the record. I am not on the same page as Harvey. I don't want you to go.


Let's just say that actions have consequences.


Harvey's not punching out anymore. And I can't come in here every day and work side by side with somebody who hates me.


I wanted to be in a position of power when I toyed with you.


Rachel: You here to rip the band-aid off?
Mike: That's what nana said to do when you have a booboo.

I think you missed your calling as a fake cop.


Mike: We have a problem.
Harvey: Don't worry, Mike, I'm sure N*Sync will tour again someday.

The next time I have the option to cross the line to save you, I'll send you packing and not think twice. Now get your shit together.

Harvey [to Mike]

Suits Quotes

Oh, and I'm black in here.


Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.