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Didn't realize we were keeping score. But if we are, he's still coming out ahead.


First of all I didn't pay him off. Second of all, if I hadn't paid him off then you would be in jail right now.


Stan, your best asset is your mind. They can't take that away from you.


Mike: If I hit this button, I call Michael Jordan.
Harvey: That's kinda how a phone works.

His majesty can wait, all associates in the library. Now.


He sounds just like Bush, but he looks just like Chaney.


Mike: This guy's record is off the charts.
Harvey: Want me to get you an autograph?

Mike: I thought you were against emotions.
Harvey: I'm against having emotions, not using them.

It's Louis Litt, not Darth Vader. This is what courage looks like, Jimmy. Pay attention.

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