Why the hell should anyone ever trust you with anything?


Good luck with your duck, Red.


Louis: Jessica, when am I going to learn not to defy you?
Jessica: You're never going to learn, but as long as I know that, we'll be okay.

Tanner: I remember when you used to ride a bike.
Mike: I remember when you used to be a scumbag, but you didn't pretend you weren't.

I want you to tell me the worst mistake you ever made as a therapist.


Ever since the day I met you, all you've done is cross lines, and it starting with you ripping off cancer victims.


Mike: I'm just going to say it. Every time we go up against Tanner, it gets brutal. You just had a panic attack the other day, so are you sure this is really what you need right now.
Harvey: It's exactly what I need right now.

Robert: You have my condolences.
Jessica: For what?
Robert: For having to deal with him.
Jessica: Oh, you have no idea.
Mike: Hey, right here. I'm standing right here, guys.

I spent twelve years putting you first, and the day I finally decided to do something for myself, you didn't just stop treating me like family, you started treating my like a stranger.


Mike: So this is all just about the money?
Jessica: Were you born yesterday? The clients are looking for money. We're looking for money. The insurance company is looking to keep money. It's always about the money.

Rachel: Harvey likes Louis's sister.
Jessica: That's funny because that's exactly what I came in here to talk to him about.
Harvey: You like Louis's sister?
Jessica: Not enough to fight you for her.

You know it would be easier for both of us if you were wrong every once in a while.


Suits Quotes

Oh, and I'm black in here.


Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.