[Jerri] saw what Russell did for me and she's a little bit jealous that a man hasn't done that for her.


[Parvati] has no problem flirting with anything that walks.


[Russell] a bandied leg little troll


I've played Survivor three times now and for the first time in all of those times, I was shocked last night.

Boston Rob

Oh, I'm gonna be good and drunk in the next five minutes.


I have nobody to blame but myself...I'm still pretty awesome.


Russell, if you don't have [the idol], you best go look for it.


Hey JT, would you like a banana?

James (sarcastically)

We're going to have the Hero Olympics!


[James] definitely eats us out of house and home.


It's better to play with me than against me.

Boston Rob

Boston Rob: If you don't have the idol, you better go get it
Russell: I don't have it
Boston Rob: You better go get it

Survivor Quotes

Superior tribes, like ours, find a way to win.


Chase: What happens to the rest of them?
Jeff: They will be taken and executed.