Apparently I'm not very good at this game.


Oh my God, that poor kid.


Philip: Here's what I'd like to say about that tribe, Jeff.
Jeff: Please.

Grant: He's such a good Christian guy.
Rob: He can be a good Christian guy back on Redemption Island.

I'm glad we talked because now I don't have to worry about anything.


I've got rhythm, baby.


anytime a group of individuals likes the same thing, I don't like that. It could be romantic comedies, it could be Oreo cookies. If they're all liking it together, I want that broken up.

Boston Rob

There's a Christian collation brewing here in Nicaragua.

Boston Rob

I'm trying to think, like, you know, should I go over there and get in that convo? I probably don't have too much to add.

Boston Rob

I really believe I was put here for a reason and that reason was to honor my God.


This game respects big moves.


I'm ready to get in the ring and go toe to toe with [Boston Rob].


Survivor Season 22 Quotes

I'm a loser then.


Phillip I'm not going to ask you any questions because I'm tired of hearing your voice.