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I don't peel and tell.


Listen to me, you are not the worst thing you've ever done. You did something thoughtless, people suffered, you try to make amends and you move on.


Oh. Thank God you're here.


Hey I'm the deaf one, I said 5 bucks!


I can't imagine a world in which I couldn't check out sometimes. That's gotta suck.


This is about way more than one douchey coach, what is going on?

Toby [to Daphne]

You live in a world of money. Money means choices. No money, no choices. Welcome to reality.

Melody [to Bay]

If you think there is any chance of us sleeping together tonight, then you are higher than my dad.

Bay [to Emmett]

She's actually pretty cool when she's not turning your art show into a telenovela for the hard of hearing.

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