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I just got so tired of letting this horrible thing that happened consume my entire life, so I decided to let it go.


I hope whoever broke your heart actually got to hear that.


I have to treat you just like any other employee even though I just want to kiss you right now.

Chef Jeff [to Daphne]

She won't miss cake if you give her ice cream.


Kathryn: And she has these tattoos that are basically saying my private parts are flying!
Regina: Flying?
Kathryn: She has wings...down there.

At least you don't have to lie. I get really tired of that sometimes.


Bay: I don't know about her, she's pretty churchy.
Emmett: Well then there's a good chance she won't sleep with my boyfriend, so I like her already.

Wow, when did you start following all the rules?

Daphne [to Bay]

What if I'm nothing like you think I am?

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