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She's a teenage girl. It's easier for her to yell at us about one thing when she's upset about another

Katherine [about Bay]

It is people who are otherwise invisible, expressing themselves the only way they know how.


Am I just like a cardigan wearing, opposite-of-sex, hopeless geek?


Let me explain something to you, you aren't her friend, you're her father!

John [to Angelo]

He can amuse my mouth, anytime he wants.

Melody [about Chef]

Once they start let me cooking, then I'll be living my dream.


We have found some real common ground here. You're gonna help me with trig and I'm gonna help you with your borderline slutty rebranding.

Bay [to Daphne]

Angelo: Have you ever played with a band?
Toby: Yeah but my bass player got shipped off to boarding school and my drummer had sex with my girlfriend, so I'm kinda nowhere right now.

You are fun on caffeine!

Chef [to Daphne]
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