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You wanna do something to make this better? Don't be in my world anymore.

Bay [to Simone]

Do you know how nice it was to not be the girl who was switched at birth for a few weeks?


He rode up on his motorcycle looking like a deaf James Dean.


I'd rather be in a relationship where both people choose to, not because getting out of it would be a pain in the ass.


Just goes to show you can't keep a good Kennish down.


Toby: It's not like Simone and I were written in the stars or anything.
Bay: Those would be some pretty messed up stars.

So we bonded over our hatred of the sun and the ocean instead.

Alex [about Bay]

Toby: What's up with your hair?
Bay: I went island.

I think he's a phony.

Wilkie [about Emmett]
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