I don't care about your breakups Mom. I'm gonna get her back.


Give me the bottle of Jack.


When your best friend gets told by his girlfriend that they're taking a break...you get your best friend drunk.


Scott: It wants me in its pack. I think first, I have to get rid of my old pack.
Stiles: What do you mean? What old pack?
Scott: Allison, Jackson, Lydia...you.

Alright, first off - throwing Derek under the bus...nicely done.


I'm not dying here. I'm not dying at school.


Is that him the best explanation ever for why he's half a frickin' hour late?


Scott: What do we do?
Stiles: We get to my Jeep. We get out of here. You seriously think about quitting your job.

Be a werewolf not a teen wolf. Be a werewolf.


Hit him again, and then you'll see me get angry.


Scott: I love her.
Stiles: That's great, now moving on...

Coach: The reading of the Gettysburg Address.
Scott: What?
Coach: That's sarcasm. Are you familiar with the term sarcasm, McCall?

Teen Wolf Season 1 Quotes

Do you know what Argent means in French? It means silver!


Stiles' Dad: So you listen to all of my phone calls?
Stiles: No...well not the boring ones.