People who ride bicycles are smart. It's a general rule.


Oh, I wish I could juggle on a ball!


Ralph is one of my few boyfriends that have not cross-dressed.


I'm surrounded by ninjas.


I am handling it. Obviously. I'm the one standing here, not you.

Caite (to Brandi)

You're a Baliwood Travolta.


Rachel: What happened to going to Boliva?
Brendon: You mean Bavaria.

Justin: The good thing about being on the top bunk of a triple decker is-
Zev: Less chance for murder.
Justin: I feel like any murder would happen on the bottom bunk or the middle bunk.

Brook: Here's your new challenge: get a bullet poof vest, travel to the border and...good luck!

Look at JJ. He looks like a gorilla in a chiffon suit.


From now on, that's how you drive.


Mallory: It's giving me a wedgie.
Gary: what's a wedgie.
Mallory: it's like when it goes up your butt.
Gary: ok.