The Amazing Race

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The amazing race
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Phil: Is that a huge relief?
Nick: You have no idea.

Ali Baba, we're looking for you!


Vicki: Babe, now I'm soaking wet.
Nick: Who cares.

You would think that girly girls like us would be good cooks. We don't cook.


[Thomas] is just clueless in the kitchen.


I think I'll enjoy the view when I get to the bottom.


Claire comes out of nowhere and is like 'Ooo, it's rappelling, I got this!'


I feel like spiderman! Or spiderwoman, whatever.


It was the grand canyon of Oman.


You have no common sense in your whole body. - Nick, angry after Vicki helped Brooke and Claire.

Jill: We need to ask someone.
Thomas: Uh, clearly honey.

Traveling ahead of the other teams is always a little more relaxing.

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The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 8 Quotes

We keep shooting ourselves in the foot.


I can't wait until you watch yourself - Vicki, sarcastically to Nick