The Amazing Race

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The amazing race
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Baby, they got me in all types of stuff this year.

Big Easy

It was like a little motorcycle under the water.

Big Easy

Just gotta have faith and a feeling.


We're going to end the thing with Flight Time jumping into my arms.

Big Easy

He was the race and I was the amazing.


Justin: We're going to make these and see where we go next.
Zev: Do I have to samba after this?

We need someone who's drunk.


What's the penalty for knocking her out cold.


These challenges were not made for us today.


Zev, be like Jay-Z!


you've got to treat it like a dance, not a roadblock.


It was almost China all over again.

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The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 11 Quotes

The race was in my hands and I fumbled the ball.

Big Easy

Hey, gnome, he's not taking you. It's gonna be me.

Flight Time