The Amazing Race

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The amazing race
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The altitude is killing my chest. I'm ready for some palm trees and beaches.


You heavier than you look, child.


Jen: Come on, I ain't heavy.
Kisha: She looks light, but...

I don't think it's gonna be very good for Kent and Vyxsin. I wonder if the snow's gonna take off their eyebrows.


It is a little bit disconcerting to me being in a relationship with someone who's over-reactionary and hyper sensitive.


I'm just going to beat someone up today.


I feel like we become a better team the longer this race goes on.


Jen: Rescue some people in the Alps.
Kisha: I'm ready to leave those people there.

Ever since we hit the cold weather we've been running first.


I know the hit the nail on the head when they called this race amazing.


Justin: We've eaten a lot of cheese.
Zev: You smell awful by the way.

We're just in it for the fondue events.

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The Amazing Race Season 18 Quotes

We're easy on the eyes too. If I had to look at me for hours, I would.

Big Easy

the last time we were in the race Big Easy got us eliminated.

Flight Time