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The big bang theory
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Sheldon: Have you seen the one where Lori dies?
Leonard: No.
Sheldon: Or, maybe she doesn't. Let's find out.

Then, what the hell, Sheldon!?!


... cuz we out dropping science, son.


Oh my God. She's not going to bathe me, is she?


Howard: Honestly, if I could bend that far what would I need with you.
Bernadette: If you could bend that far, you'd be doing both of us a favor.

Sheldon: I suppose there's no choice but to face the crying, angry accusations, and the high pitch wails of despair.
Penny: Yeah and who knows how Amy will react.

If you don't leave now, she'll use food and guilt to keep you there the rest of your life.


How do you sleep in these things? Silk pajamas on satin sheets, I slid out of the bed like 3 times.



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Oh, spoiler alert. This door's about to slam in your face.


Feelings? What am I a hippie at a love-in?


Good buddy Leonard. [knock] Good buddy Leonard. [knock] Good buddy Leonard. [knock]

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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Leonard, wait! ... Dobby the elf dies in book 7.


I think your morning Cocoa Pops are turning you into a hysterical woman.