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Uh 4 women who sit around talking about their lives, that's a TV show? I don't see it lasting.


He's the bad guy here, which is ironic because he's a cop and is supposed to protect people not hurt them.

Since when are you such a goody goody? It's making my daily hangouts here much less fun.

Samantha [to Carrie]

The rumors, the gossip, that’s not real, it’s just noise.


I don’t give a damn what people think and neither should you.


A boss is like a man, once he’s knows he’s got you, it’s like practically giving him permission to ignore you.


Why do people always say “no offense” right after they’ve offended you.

We are going to be better than fine. We’re going to be hot. Hot, hot hot! Just not tonight.


I’d be most pissed off about suburban, that’s the kiss of death in Manhattan literary circles.

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