Our Irish friends are right; I haven't done enough to take care of our Teresa Colvin problem.


Elena: You can't get close, but you can't be alone
Jarek: That's it exactly
Elena: Did you ever love me?
Jarek: I thought I did, yeah.

Elena: So, you want to be with her?
Jarek: Yes I do.
Elena: And she wants to be with you?
Jarek: No.

One thing about a bigot; if they are willing to kill one man over his sexuality, he is certainly willing to kill more.


Jarek: We made some mistake, but I can do better
Dina: You what we did, we took too long to say goodbye; that's what we did

Jarek: Your father was a good man, a great dad, and damn good police. You should take this watch and remember him by it.
Vonda: [looks away]
Jarek: I'm sorry Honey. [sets watch down and walks away]

Vonda: Don't you think it's strange me getting this today?
Jarek: I know what today is. It's a coincidence.

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