Colvin: We don't have a witness, we don't have a case.
Wysocki: I am doing everything I can.
Colvin: Do more.

Lily: What are you talking about?
Gibbons: I am surrounded by cows in Judas' linen. Police are trying to take advantage of the situation.

Ronnie: I would rather do my time and be safe
Wysocki: You don't think Killian can't get to you in the joint?

Colvin: You bring Killian in, you haul his ass down here, I will interrogate him myself.
Wysocki: Done!

Wysocki: You ok?
Evers: I'm fine
Wysocki: That wasn't a good shooting that was a great shooting. You know that?
Evers: I know that, I'm good

Gibbons: Know this, I want to tell you who's responsible for your brother, I want to give you justice. Now, can we help each other?
Wysocki: Get out of here before I shoot you in the head.

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