It's Provenza. We have Hurschbaum . We're five minutes from killing him and then ourselves.


Oh look, you can still see the chalk outline from the last guest who stayed here.


Well, I'm sorry about the obvious inconvenience that Mr. Hurschbaum's murder has caused you.


Gabriel: See, now that makes sense to me. Hurschbaum is a guy with a ton of cash looking at life in prison so he kills his double and goes off to live in some tropical paradise. Just like Ken Lay.
Tao: Ha, thats's funny.
Gabriel: Oh come on. Am I the only one here who thinks that Ken Lay is on a beach in Fiji right now? I mean the guy's supposed body was cremated like a minute after they found him. C'mon.
Provenza: You need to get a life.

Well, detective, I think it's fair to say that any two grey haired middle aged men in blue velour track suits would be difficult to distinguish at a thousand yards.


Now, how is it that you two just so happened to be directly under the victim when he plummeted to his death?


Gabriel: He fell from up there, down to here?
Flynn: A back dive and a half twist. And would you believe the Russian judge only gave him an 8.5.

Buzz: Oh! My car!
Provenza: Oh, don't worry about it Buzz. I know a great guy in Korea town who can buff that right out.

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