That's a lot of weapons to be carryin around Luke. Are you gettin ready for Armageddon?


Is there any other blindingly obvious thing you'd like to point out to us?


Hey guys! Look over here. A pink bra and 12 condoms. Now that's what I call optimism.


Well, I'm not an attorney like you are, but we found the guy lying in the street with his face blown away so, yeah, I'm comfortable calling it murder.


Flynn: We still gonna take this case?
Provenza: I'm up, I'm dressed, I'm making time and a half. Let's go.


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God sees everything.


At one time he may have been your friend, and at some time maybe something more, but he's also your boss and he's demanding that you recognize his authority.


Provenza: Bless me father, for I have done nothing but watch pornos.
Flynn: Yeah, I guess it goes with the wine coolers.

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