Before you start huffing and puffing and trying to blow my house down, you signed into San Quentin, Peter, and therefore it's public record.


Well, in my business, finding that card on the body is what we call a clue.


I see the victim parked illegally. Is that what makes this a major crime?


Well, since our bad-mannered correction officer didn't do so, let me introduce myself.

Peter Goldman

Pope: Arresting a police commissioner's wife is not going to make us heroes around here.
Brenda: How much worse can it get? I mean, really?
Pope: I guess we'll see.

Well, good for you and your higher power. Your body can't tolerate alcohol, you should give it up. Glad you figured it out.

Mrs. Myers

Well, that is our new number one priority, Gayle. Finding the busboy. Oh, and making sure the responsibility party here doesn't get away because the police commissioner was trying to throw his weight around! You know what I mean?


Police Commissioner Myers: Well, I don't have to tell you what she's like. I'm sure you must consider her a valuable asset. Still, all the lawsuits must make you wonder if she's really worth it.
Pope: Not really.

Playing Beethoven. As everyone knows, the favorite composer of nine out of ten car thieves.

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