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Do not confuse my legal arguments with what I believe in. I have one purpose and that's keeping your grandson out of prison. That's the problems with you idealists. All you care about are your ideals. You ignore the people who are right in front of you. I care about Cody. Everything else is meaningless.


Your honor, Otis is a bear. Otis is an orphan. His mother was shot to death by hunters.


Hooking up with Cole's sister? I mean what are you going to do, sit next to him for Thanksgiving dinner? "Hey Tommy, pass the yams."


Pete: You're trying to sleep with the client.
Nick: I am not.
Pete: You're always trying to get on me for sleeping with clients and here you go.
Nick: Well, because you do sleep with clients.

Pete: Wow, this is a lot of guns.
Paul: A lot of freedom.

Hi, Otis. Otis, I'm a lawyer. We lawyers don't taste very good.


Illusionist: Thanks for coming. Tada.
Pete: Another trick!
Illusionist: It's the bill for the tickets.

Pete: You got all that from a dirty fork.
Nick: That's why it's Morelli / Kaczmarek, Mr. Kaczmarek.

All right, but if he's going to object to everything I say, maybe he can just use flashcards. Save the voice.


Pete: It's Vegas. Wall to wall desert. Who needs a boat? I was going to buy a boat with my share.
Nick: With your share, you could've put in a lake for that boat.
Pete: Yeah. What were you going to do with yours?
Nick: A separated man living in a crappy apartment? What do you think? Buy a house bigger than hers. Maybe not a house, a compound. Something really huge.
Pete: Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen.

Pete: Wiped the floor with this fancy lawyer. Chewed him up and spit him out.
Nick: Well, he could see who he was up against. Why else do you think he was trying to bury us in paper work?
Pete: Not trying. He has succeeded. Ugh, I can't breathe.

Any idiot with a computer and a Wi-Fi connection can spew hateful vindictive crap, and can call it journalism!

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