I have thin veins - I must have gotten it from my mother.


Do whatever you have to, to find them.


What I can tell you is that we mean you no harm.


Thomas: What about you?
Sophia: I can't abandon them. Unless you go there's no hope for any of us.

There's no question in my mind, Sophia's people must be behind it.


Martinez: Why are we holding them?
Blake: Excuse me Mr. President?
Martinez: Why are we holding them?
Blake: We're holding them because they refuse to tell us the truth about who they really are, why they are really here or what they really want. They have a hidden agenda, I know it in my bones.

Right now I'm less concerned with who's trying to kill us than who saved us.


(to his son) I'll keep us safe. I promise.


You watched us kill your wife, do you really think we'd hesitate to kill your daughters?

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