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Leo: You look like a vampire
Willa: Vampire's are hot
Walter: The world has turned. Vampires sparkle now.

Great job, human internet. I will be back soon.


Willa, I need you to Facestatus, Tweetbook and what's it called...chuck your status?


What the Walter, Walter? You called me!


He's going to shoot us just so you will stop murdering his language.


Shoot him, Isabel! He killed my robot!


Did you invoke paragraph C with this guy?


Cooper: Sure is a lot of action out here
Leo: Not for Walter it isn't.

I do NOT appreciate the ocean. I tend to sink.


Walter: Just do what I did: Find someone you can trust. It will change your life.

Sorry for identifying the kidnapper of a missing girl in the middle of a hurricane.


Puddin' pop you couldn't fit into anybody's plan if you tried.

Isabel[to Walter]
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