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Cooper: Sure is a lot of action out here
Leo: Not for Walter it isn't.

I will find him or I will die trying. But there is no turning back.


Isabel: What happens when he can't find something? I will tell you: He will run himself ragged like a bloodhound.

Walter found me just in time to prevent me from killing a man in cold blood. In return, I will give up my life to help him.


I think you are one of the finest men who ever to Jesus and Cal Ripken, Jr.


Shoot him, Isabel! He killed my robot!


Sweets: Do you talk to inanimate objects?
Walter: Yes, often. But they never respond...rude.

GPS is another way for the government to keep an eye on you.


Willa: Attention old people: I got invited to a beach party. Can I go?

If you lied to us, I will ask them to bring you back to life so I can electrocute you again.

Leo [to Eddie]

Walter: What happens if I trip and fall on it?
Leo: This is America, we sue.

I do NOT appreciate the ocean. I tend to sink.

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