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Daniel: Now what?
Jim: Follow him. Let's see where I our cowboy bunked last night. Go on, get along little doggie.

Jim: Oh and don't go riding off into the sunset.
Willa: I'm not going anywhere.

Tony: It's Ray. He's gone.
Jim: What do you mean he's gone?
Tony: We decided we had to relocate him. His guy and a couple of attorneys went over to explain the terms of the new contract. He completely cleared out. He's gone Detective. We have no idea where he is.

Callie: That was Dr. Hardy's attorney.
Jim: His attorney?
Callie: He left me money.
Jim: What?
Callie: Like a lot of money.
Jim: Wait? I don't understand.
Callie: I don't understand either, I guess he didn't have a lot of family and didn't have kids of his own.
Jim: Why you?
Callie: His attorney said he wanted me to finish med school.

Callie: So why did you avoid me over there?
Darius: Honestly, I was embarrassed to see you.
Callie: Darius, I...
Darius: Callie, you tried to do something to help me and I treated you like everyone else.

Carlos: Wallet, credit cards, cash, it's all in there. Only thing missing is his cell phone.
Jim: And a digit.
Carlos: A defensive wound. Obviously he lost it in the attack. I guess you can say he gave his killer the finger before he died.
Jim: There you go.

Callie: I messed up with Darius. I should have known he was fishing for drugs and now he's hurt, and he might not ever play again.
Dr. Hardy: Darius Locke is an idiot. He was an idiot long before you gave him that shot. There's no shot for stupid so stop beating yourself up.

Daniel: The majority of Gallery employees are women in the early twenties, they kind of have their own sub-culture. They even have a nickname - Gallerinas.
Carlos: Gallerinas? Is that a real job?
Daniel: Basically over glorified assistance, minus the glory, sounds familiar.
Jim: [looks at ceiling]

Carlos: Miami in the 90's. Now that was a scene. South beach went from coked out hookers and heroin junkies to Madonna and Versace.
Jim: I'm sorry, did you say "went from"?

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