Peter: Am I not supposed to be jealous?
Alicia: I don't think I care what you are.

We're still treating this like Jihad even if it's an inside job.


Jackie: My son will not be made weak.
Peter: You are one scary mom.
Jackie: And you are one good son.

Diane: What happened to loyalty?
Julius: It exited the building the day you fired half of tax litigation.

Jackie: Who are you?
Eli: The plumber. Who are you?
Jackie: I'm Jackie.
Eli: That means nothing to me.

I'm a team player. I just wanna do what's right for the firm.


You're standing in my kitchen. Whatever you have to say, you can say in front of me.


Diane: Come on, this is about us.
Jonas Stern: Of course it's about you. I'm gonna destroy your firm.

There's a selfishness to the silence of the cowboy. It forces others to carry the conversation.


Kalinda [to Alicia]: Have you been a bad girl?
Kalinda: Going now.

Juror Lady: College today, a threesome doesn't mean anything.
Another Juror Lady: I'm getting old.
Juror Guy: I'm going back to college.

Will: You worried about Peter?
Alicia: I'm worried about everything.

Good Wife Quotes

I always liked you.

Kalinda [to Peter]

If I ran, what's the plan?

Alicia (to Eli)