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Alicia, you're hurting. That's all. I've been watching you over the last year with Peter and you love him. And if you don't, he loves you.


Howard: What do I call you? Is it crippled or handicapped or what is that other word...
Louis: What do you call me? How about Louis?
Howard: No. When I'm talking to other people. What do I call you? Challenged. Isn't that the word? Hmm? Challenged. Do you like that?
Louis: Yes.

He is dying. And he is trying to screw you.


It's one drink. Why is that a problem? Who am I being faithful to?


Finn: Kalinda, why do people let you onto crime scenes?
Kalinda: I don't know. People like me.

Oh God it's like Mildred Pierce. We gotta get you laid.


Alicia: Did Renatta do it or did you?
Sweeney: Now that's just rude. Let's let the judge decide. Then we can talk.

You should see Alicia drink.


Oh yes. It's time to kick some ass.

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