Lemond Bishop: Why does it take you eight rings to answer?
Kalinda: I was in court sir, do you need something?

Ok, This is what I need. Use your decoder ring and your West Wing tweets to tell the PAC to stop these homophobic robo calls.


Alicia: I had no knowledge of this.
Frank Prady: I didn’t think you did. That is why I have brought that knowledge to you.

You just can't quit me, can you?

David Lee

My whole life i wanted to be one thing - a lawyer and i had it. i had it. I had it figured it out. Get to the top take the cases want, help the people you want. Now, i can't, I can't figure anything out


You are asking for a favor Kalinda, I'm asking for one in return.

Lemond Bishop

We need to push you as the Grizzly Mom.


It all comes crashing down.


Well, here's the thing...


You know it would be unethical for me to answer that.


It's hard to be on this side.


Cary, don't hurt me and I won't hurt you.


Good Wife Quotes

You mean the man, Guy Redmayne who came in here and pressed his groin against me, compared my feet to those of an Arizona prostitute and then demanded that I hire a deputy SA of his choosing?


This is mess.