The Killing

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The killing
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Bad luck either destroys you or makes you the man you really are.


I don't eat meat, bitch!


Anybody ever tell you you're white?


Dial 1-900-LINDEN.


I want you to hit him. It's the only way they'll learn. I want you to pick the biggest guy and hit him hard. You aim for the bridge of the nose.


Laugh it up Linden, my dojo's a sanctuary of light.


I'm gonna destroy him.


Kids aren't fools. We know.


Mayor Adams: In no time at all, Darren's come here and built himself a real rainbow coalition: blacks, fruits, whores, and drug addicts.

Holder: What's so funny?
Linden: You trying to do math is kind of like a dog wearing a hat.

Oh, snap! Linden rocked the booty call.


If you think I've done something wrong, then fire me. Otherwise, I have a class to teach.

Bennet Ahmed
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The Killing Quotes

Relax Mom, it's NarcScent. Smells like weed, tastes like weed, it's not weed.


Hello, Facebook. Kid's don't write letters.

Jack Linden