Patti: Why do you think someone would want to kill me?
Kevin: You tell me.
Patti: Because they'd rather put a bullet in my head than accept my truth.
Kevin: What is your truth?
Patti: Well, shit Kevin, you wrote me a check for $50,000. What do you think my truth is?
Kevin: You want to destroy families.

Do you want to drop me in or do you want to push me in? Pushing is probably easier.

Little Patti

Kevin: How are you here?
Virgil: Sorry?
Kevin: If I had to die to get here, what are you doing here?
Virgil: Atoning.

Kevin: It's not a fucking hotel. Someone just tried to kill me.
Virgil: Oh.
Kevin: Oh?!
Virgil: Well, it makes sense. It's a pitfall of your chosen occupation.
Kevin: Which is what?
Virgil: Look at the way you're dressed man. You're an international assassin.
Kevin: Are you fucking serious?
Virgil: That is why you checked into the hotel, isn't it?
Kevin: I didn't check into the hotel. I, I drank that shit that you gave me and then I woke up in a bathtub.
Virgil: OK, Kevin, you have to stop thinking in such straight lines, because she surely will not be. She thinks in spirals and helixes and zig zags and circles.
Kevin: Patti?
Virgil: Your target.

Kevin: What the fuck is happening?
Virgil: The fire alarm is going off, sir, and we have a bird loose in the lobby.

Well, that's that. You went there to get free and you got caught. You know, the only time I ever felt free, Kevin, was when I picked up that piece of glass and stuck it in my neck. You were holding me in your arms, and I looked into your eyes, and you were so afraid, but I wasn't, because it was finally over. That's freedom.


What would you have done if I told you that the solution to all your problems was a magical black man sittin' out on the edge of town? That's borderline racist is what that is.


Kevin: Sound's like a fuckin' exorcism.
Virgil: You people and that movie.

Kevin: God dammit! Just shut up! What do you want!?
Patti: Sorry?
Kevin: What do you fuckin' want? If you want me to do something, just say it!
Patti: I'm glad you asked, Kevin. There is something you need to do.

Virgil: Which means you've got somebody lookin' out for you, or you've got yourself a most powerful adversary.
Kevin: Who are you?
Virgil: I'm just somebody who once had a powerful adversary of his own.

If the questionnaire says they lifted, maybe they lifted.


Erika: Let's just call this what it is.
John: Then what is it?
Erika: You need to hit people because you need to hit people.

The Leftovers Quotes

Kevin: How are you here?
Virgil: Sorry?
Kevin: If I had to die to get here, what are you doing here?
Virgil: Atoning.

They're heroes because nobody's going to come to a parade for "we don't know what the fuck happened" day.