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I'm not Sutton Mercer!!!

Emma [to Mads]

Mind if I cut in?


Don't tell me you weren't just eye-humping him.


It's the most natural thing in the world for an adopted kid to wanna find her real birth parents. Why are they standing in the way of that? It's gotta be something big.


So Ethan, gotta ask, how was prison?


If you weren't worried then why'd you tell him you love him?

Thayer [to Sutton]

Did you see the super hot new guy? Let everyone know he is so mine.


Well, we're in a motel. We're at least 100 miles from any parental supervision, your boyfriend is two doors down probably shirtless, do I need to go on?


Didn't feel like being the only former murder suspect at the pep rally.

Ethan [about school]
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