Jane: Hmm I did say.
Kristina: You did.

Lisbon: Are you sure about this?
Jane: Are you ever going to tire of asking me that?

Lisbon: When are you getting your shoes back?
Jane: They're not so bad, are they?

I hate to sound immodest, ma'am but I rarely fail.


Sheriff: So you're the psychic -
Jane: No, there's no such thing of psychics.

Nice, solid, dependable. I can see why you dumped him.


You're so twisted up in your own dishonesty that you have no idea how to act like a decent human being.


She said it's a wonder Red John and I didn't become friends. Now what we have, I consider a friendship. So my friend, you are free and clear.


Fischer: Jane certainly seems to be enjoying himself.
Lisbon: He usually does.

Your magic sucks eggs.


Teresa Lisbon. That's a nice name.


I just love the smell of a new car.


The Mentalist Quotes

Is this guy for real?


Three hours of brooding silence and then sarcasm. Its like we're married.

Cho [to Rigsby]