The Mentalist

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The mentalist
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I went to high school. I ate kids like you for breakfast.


I didn't say I never did anything bad. I just never got caught.


Lisbon: 11 years in Catholic school and I never got sent to the Principal's office once.
Jane: Well that's because you're a boring goody two shoes.

Hamlet's not as pleased with himself as you are so dial that back a touch.


Drunk people aren't known for their impulse control.


It's the bad apples that have the real dirt.


Cho: How are you doing?
Rigsby: Good. Solid. Definitely not about to have a heart attack.

Well it's no fun if you just give up.


Principal: Why would I lie?
Jane: Probably just bureaucratic instinct.

Cheap power suit, phone holster, blue tooth, large watch. Has petty tyrant written all over him.


I'm afraid they've undermined the foundation of your memory palace.


You're nuts lady. Sign here.

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