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You will resign when I fire you out of petty malice and not before.


I wouldn't have done it unless I was sure.


I thought about having you killed. Then I thought what does Charlie Skinner fear more than death.


Will: How much of what you're saying do you actually believe right now?
Charlie: 60%.
Will: I thought it was in the mid-80s. You pulled it off.
Charlie: Experience.

A chemical weapons expert wants to kill me. I make the worst enemies.


I don't believe this many people could keep something like this a secret.


I don't think it's fetishizing to admire people who signed up to fight a couple of wars neither you or I wanted to dirty our hands with.


If he doused the studio in kerosene and lit a tikki torch it wouldn't have done as much damage as Genoa so where is the complexity? Where is the nuance?


You can't be stupid and afford haircuts this good. I need you to tell me this is exactly as insane as it is.

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