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The newsroom
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A truth that matters can't stay hidden.


Neither the first nor any other amendment protects you when you conspire to commit treason.


Blair: Reese, you're a douche.
Resse: Yes I am but I'm a douche on the side of the angels.

You know who did great this week? The police, the FBI, DOJ, Homeland Security. In less than a hundred hours they found two needles in a haystack the size of the world. You know who sucked. Everybody else.


Let's do sports Charlie. We love sports.


Crowd sourcing law enforcement. That went off without a hitch in Salem.


This isn't going to be a reality show. We don't do good TV. We do the news.


If I learn what happen based on the news I'm going to fucking lose my mind.


We're not going based on tweets from witnesses we can't talk to. What credible news agency would do that?


I've worked very hard at cultivating no friendships outside of work and to be honest I was doing fine cultivating no friendships inside of work until you came along.


Mac: Is there any chance Charlie's going to be sober when the ceremony starts?
Will: I have news for you. Your sisters will have taken a couple of dips from the well too.

We'll try not to drop Sarin gas on anyone while we do it.

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First step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one. America is not the greatest country in the world anymore.


This is a sad day for dignity. I'll need a dress.