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What if I keep talking rhetorical questions until you just can't take it anymore.


Sloan: You need to hurry before the trail gets cold.
Neal: You think the book may have been bought by a bank robber?

If a news outlet doesn't have credibility it doesn't matter what else it has.


Will: I'm sorry I didn't explode for you.
Mac: It's a long night.

You look like you were grown in an environment where it's dark and damp.


Don: Do you think there's any chance we just got incredibly lucky.
Maggie: Well our luck has been outstanding lately.

Someone has to endure the soul swallowing humiliation of having their name and face broadcast next to the ACN logo for the next six hours.


Will: It was a great story.
Rebecca: If only it had been true.

Hallie: You believe I would violate our trust for a story.
Jim: I believe you'd sell me into slavery for a story.

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