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Chloe: I know I might not be the kind of Uniter you were hoping for, but this is the one you've got.
Valentina: You're exactly the kind that we were hoping for. Maybe it's time Mai and humans stopped living in different worlds. It's not gonna be easy, Chloe. So much hope and so much fear, all in one girl. Like it or not, the whole world is coming for you.
Chloe: Then let it come.

Doing nothing seldom makes problems go away.


No. I'm not gonna say it, because I'm pretty much done apologizing. You said that the Chloe you knew would never do this or act this way, well, newsflash, I'm not the same old Chloe. We can all pretend that I am, but we all know it's not true. You've always been my best friend, and if it's up to me, you always will be. But you have to accept me as I am now - faults, claws and all.


The Chloe I know would never do something like that or treat her friends this way.


Or, more likely, you have this gift because you are the Uniter. Some of the old legends claim that all Mai were once capable of this. It's what bonded us to humans. It's not surprising you possess this quality; you are the embodiment of all that is Mai.


Great. So my powers came with an extra dose of freak. That Chloe, always an overachiever!


Chloe: Has anyone ever told you you're a close talker?
Alek: Just you.
Chloe: It's not a compliment.

Made your favorite! Cereal and bowl. Some assembly required.

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