If there's someone out there that makes you feel like that, then you should tell them how you feel.

Careful. The more beautiful things are, the more prickly they can be.


Alek: I'd just like to point out that in a time of crisis, the guy you reached out to...
Chloe: was you.

Paul: Don't sweat it bro, Chloe broke my heart, too. After we kissed.
Amy: Ten years ago!
Paul: But still, it hurt.
Alek: Do you people tell each other everything?

Alek: Amy said that you were thinking about telling her that you're Mai.
Chloe: There's one person who can't keep a secret.
Alek: In her defense, I can be fairly persuasive.

Alek: Rumor has it the Uniter has been grounded.
Chloe: Apparently, she's invincible to everything but a rampaging mother.

When were you going to tell me your father was alive?


Amy: Oh my God. Is someone trying to kill you again?
Chloe: Amy, calm down. Not some sinister plot and not the point of the story!

For someone who say's she can't see me any more, you sure seem to be making an effort.

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