Kevin: Everyone is gonna be there. Angela, Phyllis... even Creed is a maybe.
Andy: Creed is going?!?

Best Edward James Olmos costume I've ever freaky good.


Andy: Is becoming CEO of this company your a capella group? Come on, we're going to Danny's bar, Public School.
Darryl: Nah, I got some work to do. I do got big plans at this company.

I know how to sit on a fence. Hell, I can even sleep on a fence. The trick is to do it face down with the post in your mouth.


Could you for once just let us enjoy a party instead of making it about all your issues?

Kelly [to Michael]

Halloween should be a day where we honor monsters and not be mad at each other.


This is an amazing prize. I mean I don't even want to give Pam a compliment because she's so blehhh, but she did a good job. I really want that coupon book.


Hey man, can I get a plus five? And it's all guys.

Ryan [to Danny]

Packer: Has anyone started calling you Gabe-wad yet?
Gabe: Not here, no.
Packer: Gabe-wad.

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