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Kevin: (about the leads) They're in the trash! They're in the trash!
Dwight: Trash. Code... Alright, Meredith! Take off your dress.
Meredith: Okie-dokie.
Kevin: No, dear God no! It's in the trash can, in the kitchen.
Meredith: Coming off either way!

Dwight: Michael you were supposed to tell me when the leads came in!
Michael: Well Bigshot, if you want to find your leads, go to the man who never breathes.
Dwight: [pauses] Kevin!

Darryl: You need to get back on top.
Michael Scott: That's what she said.



Make friends first. Make sales second. Make love third. In no particular order.


I hitched my wagon to a horse with no legs.


If they don't like it then they can leave - I mean, a lot of their work can be done in India.


Well, the acorn becomes the oak.


You are all successories!


Having a baby is exhausting - having two babies, now that's just mean.


Today we are all kings and queens.


Just imagine that instead of going to jail when you murdered someone, you got an ice cream cone. If that we the case, then in the summer time, everyone would go around killing people for the pleasure of an ice cream cone.

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The Office Season 6 Quotes

If onlys and justs were candies and nuts, then everyday would be un de donkfest!


If this were Russia, yeah sure. Everyone would go to one Santa, and there would be a line around the block and once you sat on her lap and she'd ask you what you wanted, you would say probably "freedom." At which point the KGB would arrest you and send you to Siberia. It's a good thing Russia doesn't exist anymore.