I'm gettin' a shot of it. Lead camera man. There is a reason!


I know why you're out here in the middle of the jungle, willing to get yourself killed. No one comes out here for love. But guilt, that will get you to the Amazon.


The further we go up the Bouina, the more physics breaks down. And reality gets so much bigger. I have to see it.


There's magic out there. Well, it looks like he found it.


People always tell me that they loved Emmet's show was not because of the travel or the adventure, but because they wanted to be a part of our own perfect little family. I mean, yeah, we had our problems, everybody does, sure, our secrets. Who doesn't?


Remember when you said scars were sexy? Well, you're about to be a lot sexier.


Okay, that was pretty cool.


Because of my daughter. God hates me. I know. Or he would have made her ugly.


Hi there. I'm on the Amazon. Not a lot of other Jews out here though.

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