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The river's changing. It's never gonna let us go.


The Bouina protected me, when I should have died. I don't know why, but it chooses people.


Lena: I know you're looking for more than just magic out here. So tell me. What is the source?
Emmet: It's better that you hate me.

There are signs of the impossible everywhere in this place. And now I know they are signs to get out. The Bouina does not want us here. I'm sorry.


I have a lot of making up to do.


So how was my funeral.


I'm here to kill Emmet Cole.


My mother's been saying he's alive for months, but somehow when you say it, it sounds true.


Jonas: They're just waiting.
Kurt: Yeah, waiting for what?
Jonas: I'm gonna say dinner.

They're coming. And they're hungry.


Tess: What's that?
Lincoln: I think it's bone.
Clark: Coming out of his back.

Clark, those are people in there. Those are dead bodies.

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The River Season 1 Quotes

Hi there. I'm on the Amazon. Not a lot of other Jews out here though.


There is magic out there!