Please don't tell me you're transferring schools to be with that pot smoking skank!


Alice: Ben do you not realize this girl's your Fatal Attraction?
Ben: I don't think I'd say she's my Fatal Attraction, she's maybe more my, uh, Basic Instinct.

I just don't believe in the whole happily ever after thing with you.

Grace [to Jack]

I just don't believe you just wanna be just friends.

Jack [to Grace]

Anne is gay and Kathleen made me know happy.


They used to but with budget cuts, apparently the price of bananas soared.


You're texting your ex husband while you're kissing me?

Omar [to Adrian]

Okay well if the two of us are gonna be friends we can't be angry with each other, we should find someone else to be angry at, a common enemy.

Madison [to Lauren]

I'd like to feel like you set the date because you want to get married.

Ricky [to Amy]
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