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They did and they didn't, I think it reached who cares status a few weeks ago. Except for Ben of course.


He's driving around half asleep with Jesus as his copilot.


I've reinvented myself...again.


Undoing the lie could undo the relationship.


This is war. This is an all out war.


You know I like that girl, she's a kick in the pants. She's been to hell and back, but she's still fighting. She's gonna make something of herself some day.


Chloe: Do you want to be friends with a former hooker?
Kathy: Who am I to judge? I just had a baby. Sure!

What's a secular doctor? Is that some kind of special bone doctor?


Mom it sounds like you're breaking up with us.


When I first met her I thought she needed me because she didn't have him, but she didn't need either of us.


We were in love with each other at first real sight.

Ben [about Amy]

I have to love her because I want the perfect family for our son.

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