For people who don't do drugs or drin, you're all still completely dysfunctional.

Nora [to George]

Why would any doctor have to go halfway around the world to cheat on his wife?


Don't we have an agreement about not talking in bed?

Ricky [to Amy]

You wouldn't be jealous if you didn't really care about me, would you?

Ben [to Dylan]

We're all grown up now and Grace still has to have her mommy call my daddy because I said something mean to her?


Look Grace I know that it was a shock, but it wasn't a tragedy.


I can't believe he was telling us not to have sex and he was having sex with someone other than my mother.


You're making Grace very unhappy and that makes me very unhappy. You don't wanna see me unhappy.


You are a very bad influence on me, you know that?

Ben [to Dylan]
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